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FEB 2016


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Steadicam Solo 3 minute showreel
I'm in awe of what I've been able to achieve with the Steadicam Solo and JVC GY-LS300 combination. Watch the 3 minute showreel to show just what can be achieved using this affordable, lightweight Steadicam.
Above: Steadicam Solo 3 minute showreel
Steadicam Solo is a light-weight, extremely manoeuvrable Steadicam, which can be used in traditional Steadicam fashion with mechanical arm and body vest, or in hand-held configuration where the arm of the operator is used to support and guide the Steadicam.

Steadicam Solo is a completely mechanical device, requiring no power and works due to the principles of balance and momentum. As a result, the Steadicam shines when it comes to quick grab shots or complex setups.

Solo also functions as a monopod simply fold in the weighted wings and set the length to whatever you are desire. One can quickly flip between Steadicam or monopod filming.

Solo can hold a camera up to 10lb (4.5kg) in weight, however, the amount of weight which can be managed in handheld setup, as shown in the video above, is determined by the strength of the operator.

The test camera in use is a JVC GY-LS300, which balances perfectly on Steadicam Solo. For larger and heavier cameras it is necessary to work with the Steadicam arm and vest with the weight then being supported by the operators body.

Steadicam Solo is amazingly affordable, selling for 300 + vat in the UK and less than $500 in the US. The price is more expensive if purchased with arm and vest. Regardless, Steadicam Solo, in either configuration, represents serious value to the customer and tremendous power in terms of what can be achieved in Steadicam mode, for moving shots, or for more traditional shooting when working with Solo as a monopod.
Above: 30 minute demo, using Steadicam Solo in London


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