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SEP 2014


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REVIEW: Transform your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with Retroflex
With the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Retroflex, from Redrock Micro, you can run and gun, you can shoot handheld, you can check critical focus (even in bright sunlight.) Overall the Retroflex dramatically improves the useability fo the Pocket Cinema Camera. This is definitely not a gimmick.
At NAB 2014 Redrock Micro showed off what is called the Retroflex. This is designed to house a Pocket Cinema Camera within a metal cage, provide a sturdy handle with record stop button, and also to provide a viewing loupe which attaches magnetically to the back of the rig (no adhesive frame needs to be attached to the camera!) The result is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema work brilliantly in the hands, and you also get a much better look at the image whilst filming: you can check critical focus at any time, even in bright sunlight!
The Retroflex arrived a few weeks prior to release. This was a pre-production model, yet fully functioning. I was able to put everything together within a few minutes without instructions. The Pocket Camera slots straight into the rig which encompasses the body of the camera. Two screws hold the camera in place nice and tight : this isnt going to move. All controls are accessibe: from the record button on top to the menu buttons on the back of the camera. You can access the battery and card slots so these can be changed without having to pull the entire rig apart.

The handle attaches below the camera. This features a record/stop button which triggers the camera over LANC. The handle with record button is quite ingenius; in practice, I keep a finger ready on the trigger, ready to record in an instant.
The all important loupe attaches magnetically to the frame on the rig which hold the Pocket Camera. The magnets do a great job holding the loupe in place. It attaches firmly and is very not going to come off unless you choose to take it off. Filming with loupe gives you a good look at the screen – as mentioned, you can focus critically and really see what you are filming, regardless of the enviroment around you.

The Retroflex, in combination with the Pocket Camera, feels great in the hands. My Pocket Cinema Camera has been transformed from a camera I like to a camera I love. The form factor is great, the ability to focus critically is vastly improved, in your hands you have a high quality RAW/ProRes camera, capable of capturing very high quality images.
With the Pocket Cinema Camera and Retroflex you can run and gun, you can shoot handheld, and when using long lenses, simply remove the handle and attach a baseplate to bottom of the cage. This, with loupe attached, can then be tripod mounted. Think of the Retroflex as being great for handheld work with the Pocket Cinema Camera, and also great for tripod work.

For smaller, lighter lenses, I wouldnt hesitate to attach a tripod plate to the bottom of the handle of the Retroflex and then simply mount this direct onto the tripod.

If you have a Pocket Camera and you want to be able to improve your images, the Retroflex will definitely help you do that. Anyone that has used the Pocket Cinema Camera will know that in bright sunlight it can be very difficult to see the screen (like most cameras) – the Retroflex totally elimates this problem. Overall the Retroflex dramatically improves the useability fo the Pocket Cinema Camera, and is something I expect to use a lot!

Beyond everything I have already written, Retroflex is a lot fo fun to use. This is definitely not a gimmick. This is a serious accessory that will change the way you shoot with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.


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