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Shooting with the JVC GY-HM200: 4K handheld camcorder

Plays: 3933 - Duration: 12:27 - Added: 16/04/2015

I have to admit, I have been a 4K sceptic until now. HD is well and truly suitable for the client work I produce. I've wondered if 4K is worth the hassle. Having used the GY-HM200 I now see where 4K fits in. My channels of distribution will remain HD - however, to shoot 4K and be able...


Killer Blade: Atomos Samurai Blade 10 Bit 4:2:2 recorder

Plays: 1129 - Duration: 16:05 - Added: 08/09/2013

This is a quick overview of this new product, which operates as a fantastic viewing monitor and also as a ProRes or DNxHD recorder. This bumps up the quality of your camera to broadcast standard at the same time giving you an accurate display for colour rendition. This is a very desir...


New York City: Night and Day. Filmed with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Plays: 7245 - Duration: 12:10 - Added: 19/07/2013

I land in New York 4 hours late. Weather held up flights across the US and we were sitting on the tarmac for hours unsure whether we were going to be able to fly or not. The dreaded words that the flight may have to be cancelled had been mentioned. However, luck was with us, and even ...


Cinematographer John Brawley: impressions of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Plays: 2480 - Duration: 15:22 - Added: 27/09/2012

Having been involved with Blackmagic Design throughout the development, John has had an inside look at this camera from the early prototype stages though to the final release. John is experienced with many different cameras, from film to the extreme high end; his thoughts regarding t...


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