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Scott Wright, Filmmaker: working with light

Duration: 12:24 - Added: 30/05/2017

Scott Wright, from Dreamshock Design Studios, is a photographer, filmmaker, web designer, print designer and more. Here we see Scott at work in 3 separate situations, working as a filmmaker and photographer. At the heart of Scott's filmmaking skills are camera movement and lighting -...


Dedolight Portable Studio LED

Plays: 652 - Duration: 14:58 - Added: 28/02/2016

Today we will talk about the concept of the Portable Studio in LED lighting. Here we will show an LED dedolight kit with 4 lights, consisting of 2 multi-LED panel lights and 2 focusing dedolights. Combined with the dedolight projector unit, this represents tremendous potential, well-b...


Lighting with Felloni LED Panels

Plays: 329 - Duration: 15:34 - Added: 31/03/2015

The TecPro Felloni LED panels, distributed by dedolight are amazingly versatile. These lights  are available in several different configurations: *Bicolor - Tunsten and daylight* *Daylight only* *Tungsten only* *Different configuration can be powered from mains power, V-lock batteri...


Lessons in Lighting: Lighting against daylight

Plays: 438 - Duration: 05:56 - Added: 18/08/2014

In this tutorial we show how to light a person against daylight using different types of lights. It is clear what a big difference the lighting can make. The result can be transformed from an image with very little production value, to a well-lit image which is very pleasing to the ey...


Lessons in Lighting: extending natural light

Plays: 1974 - Duration: 03:16 - Added: 11/08/2014

When lighting it can be just as important to take into account the natural light in a scene, as well as how to position and make use of artificial light. For many situations, the natural light needs to be supplemented or extended. In this video, a 4 light setup is shown, using 3 x de...


Lessons in Lighting: lighting against hard daylight

Plays: 369 - Duration: 07:56 - Added: 13/07/2014

Lighting against hard daylight can be a challenge for those filming on location. You need the right equipment to make it work. In this video piece, using 2 lights: a dedolight DLED2 and a Felloni LED bicolour, we show how to turn a silhouette into a well-lit subject Using Sony S-Log...


Quality LED lighting vs Cheap LED lighting

Plays: 653 - Duration: 15:10 - Added: 30/03/2014

Producer/Director Matt Davis compares some cheap LED lights with the full spectrum Felloni LED lights. It is well-known in cinematography circles that not all LED lights are the same! Some have a green tinge; others flicker when dimmed or brightened; many fail to produce results whic...


The making of a music video: using LED lights creatively

Plays: 1062 - Duration: 09:54 - Added: 17/08/2013

Step on set and check out the production of a music video, featuring a team of dancers and filmed on location using portable LED lights. Many of the scenes have been lit in situations where, traditionally, it would have been difficult or impossible to use lights. There’s a revolut...


Dedolight Felloni Tecpro LED Lighting

Plays: 1504 - Duration: 10:52 - Added: 22/10/2012

This Felloni Tecpro 15° Standard Bicolor LED Light runs on 324 LEDs and has a spot beam angle which makes it ideal for longer throw applications or situations requiring higher output. The narrow beam angle is also perfect for controlling spill light and for edge or side lighting purp...


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